residentialNew Residential Area in the Suburbs of Eads

A new residential area is being built in the south of our city. Aside from hundreds of new homes, the plans also include a school and two daycare facilities for children. We also support the projects in the storm water management area. Check out our page on residential services to learn more about our services in this area.



roads constExpansion of the Southern Bypass

This major project is aimed at greatly expanding the southern bypass which has become a bottleneck over the years. In the near future, many of our city’s residents will be able to travel to the southern part of our city much faster. Our work for this project involves traffic studies which provide us with information for later traffic engineering and expansion of the highway. Find out more about our work in the transportation sector.

For questions about our projects, feel free to call us at (90) 465-5555 or to contact us via the Contact Form.