What is a Property Boundary Survey?

If you have ever wondered what is property boundary survey – also known as a plat of survey or boundary survey – it is a document that delineates the boundaries on an existing parcel of land. A trained and certified surveyor will review a property to measure and locate evidence of all points that define a property’s borders. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Corner monuments (pipes, rods, sewage, etc.)
  • Section corners
  • Subdivision corners
  • Fence lines
  • Lines of occupation

Once compiled, the information is carefully analyzed before comparison with any recorded deeds for the reviewed parcel. The comparison will be used to make final determines regarding the boundary. The sole purpose of the survey is to establish or re-establish a property’s boundaries, identifying lines unique to the lot, parcel or other land area related or recognized by recorded points of reference, rights of way and adjoining properties.

The survey will require investigation, study and evaluation of a property that affect and influence boundary lines or indicate the relocation of the perimeters, division lines and boundaries, especially if they differ from any recorded title description of the parcel or parcel tract.

For the next step in knowing what property boundary survey is the survey map.

The map is used to show boundary location, encroachments, monument set, legal description and certification by the surveyor. It may also contain additional information such as easements disclosed in title commitments as well as adjustments made to the property like driveways, utilities or added buildings.

Property boundary surveys have to conform to the standards set forth by the state’s minimum standard and practices for these documents.

Knowing what is property boundary survey is understanding why one is needed. Without a reliable survey, there can be acrimonious disputes over borders by property owners, loss of royalties regarding gas and oil development, the potential for violation of building or improvement codes, and potential errors in title deeds and ownership transfers.
With this understanding of what is property boundary survey, we can see how crucial its correct composition has to be. This is why surveys should be performed by licensed surveyors with the required education and certification. While a license isn’t required, a licensed surveyor will know about property law, modern measuring equipment and how to go beyond physical shape and length in order to create credible and reliable property boundary surveys.