How Can You Tell Your Land Surveyor is Qualified

Whenever you buy real estate in any form, be it a house, commercial building, or an open field in the countryside, it’s vital to know the exact boundaries of your property. To get the most effective results, hiring a qualified land surveyor is usually the best course of action. However, as with any profession, some land surveyors are better than others. To ensure you have hired the best surveyor for the job, a variety of items such as training, experience, and licensing need to be checked and verified. When it comes to land surveyor qualifications, taking the time to verify all necessary information can make the process of purchasing property much simpler.

Ask People Who Know

To find out about your land surveyor qualifications, ask people who deal with surveyors on a regular basis. In addition to your real estate agent, be sure to speak with your real estate attorney or with a representative from your title company. Because title insurance policies regularly require surveys of property, there’s a good chance the company representative will be able to steer you in the right direction.


Perhaps most of all, be sure you choose a land surveyor who is properly licensed. To make sure this is the case, go online to your state’s surveyor licensing board to check your land surveyor qualifications. By doing so, you will be able to not only find out if your surveyor has the proper credentials, but also if there are any current or past complaints about them filed by customers. If you discover your surveyor is unlicensed or has racked up a fair share of complaints, it’s best to find someone else for you job.

Interview the Surveyor

While some people may hesitate to do this, remember that you’re hiring the land surveyor to do a job for you. Therefore, you have a right to know about the surveyor’s training, experience, and so forth. Along with this, be sure to find out how much they charge for their services to ensure there are no problems once the job is completed. Depending on how much money you plan to spend and the type of property being surveyed, find out if they are familiar with the format for doing a boundary survey, which is considered to be the most accurate type of survey. Ask if they are trained in all aspects of the American Land Title Association and American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, which are two of the industry’s leading organizations.

By checking land surveyor qualifications prior to hiring anyone for your job, you will not only have peace of mind, but also ensure the job will be done correctly the first time.